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Beginner Classes

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Our Beginner classes are an entry-level environment focused on creating a positive first school experience. 2 year-old students thrive in a multi-sensory environment with lots of opportunities to explore. They will play alongside others, get messy with art experiences, develop large and small motor skills, and grow leaps and bounds in their language development. Classes are limited to 9 students. Children must be 2 by 8/31.

Class Schedules:

Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am-12pm  or

Wednesday/Friday 9:30am-12pm

Tuition: $130/month*

Intermediate Classes


Our Intermediate classes have an emphasis on regular routine, schedule and socialization. They will learn to make choices, to respect, and to share.  At this age, 3/4 year old students are learning through play. They are given opportunities to explore and discover pre-literacy skills, pre-math skills, art, and music. Students must turn 3 before 8/31.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30am-12pm 

Tuition: $215/month*



Our Pre-k classes focus on strengthening academic preparedness for kindergarten. This class encourages learning through play, but also contains an element of developing student behaviors such as self-management, materials management, and the transition to elementary school. Solid instruction in literacy development, math skills, and an introduction to handwriting, science, and social studies are implemented. Students must be 4 by 8/31.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 9:30am-12:30pm

Tuition: $300/month*

*Each child enrolled will also be responsible for an annual $100 non-refundable registration fee collected at time of class placement and an annual $50 snack fee, which will be automatically collected on July 1st via Tuition Express.

 2019-2020 School Supply Master List